We are located at:
1634 Ferntree Gully Rd,
Knoxfield. VICTORIA. 3180.

Phone: 03 9763 1195
Fax: 03 9763 1959

Our workshop offers:

Log book servicing on all BA, BF and FG models in exactly the same manner as a New Car Dealer, but with one substantial benefit – we offer better value for money. Work is completed by our fully qualified trades people and log book servicing is in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

Dyno Tuning is a speciality and something we have built our reputation around. We have a state-of-the-art top-of-the-line Mainline 4WD chassis dynamometer, with 5-Gas analyser, OBD, drive cycle testing and more.

The dyno provides us with the ability to not only perform custom tuning on all late model I6 and V8 powered Falcons and, Territory’s, it also allows us to test and check vehicles under all types of simulated on-road conditions. Which is why we work with some of Melbourne’s leading New Car Dealers.

Workshop facilities include:
- On board diagnostics
- Suspension repairs/upgrades
- EFI system maintenance
- Complete engine reco's
- Automatic trans service
- Manual trans & clutch repairs
- In-house auto electrical
- Breakdown service
- Air con service & repairs


What is VCM Suite?

VCM Suite (HP Tuners) manufactures software systems for the home and professional workshop alike for use in high performance tuning of a range of Ford vehicles including BA to BF Falcon XR6, XR6 Turbo, Typhoon, Tornado, XR8, GT, GT-P and Territory models.

VCM Suite FORD tuning software is leading edge PCM technology, which by effectively mimicking HP Tuners' VCM Suite Gen3/4 Commodore capabilities, sees it as a world leader in factory OBD2 tunability.

Our comprehensive VCM Suite software provides us with the tools to tune anything from a veritable 'stocker' all the way up to and including a 600rwkW monster.

VCM Suite is the ultimate tuning tool for the serious tuner.

To learn more about VCM Suite visit the website at www.vcmsuite.com.au




Some of VCM Suite's Features


• User friendly easy to use interface

Supported Vehicles*
• BA-BF XR6 Turbo
• F6 Typhoon
• F6 Tornado
• Territory (Turbo & Non-Turbo)
• FG Falcon in development

*All vehicles not represented.

General - Support and Help
• Support Forum
• Comprehensive Help file with User Submitted How-to tutorials

General - Licensing
• Flexible credit based system
• Single Vehicle licenses
• Year/Model licenses
• Vehicle Group licenses
• Easy upgrade path from Single Vehicle to Year/Model licenses
• Easy upgrade path from Year/Model licenses to Vehicle Group licenses
• Free unlimited software upgrades for life

General - Licensing Samples
With your VCM Suite order, you'll receive 8 credits. If 8 are not enough, you can purchase more at any time.

• MPVI Std
• MPVI Pro

VCM Editor
• Read most VCM/PCMs in 2 minutes
• Write most VCM/PCMs in 30 seconds
• Automated VCM/PCM recovery protection
• Seamless recovery after complete power down and communications break
• Obtain the VCM/PCMs calibration information and ID numbers
• Calibration reflash
• Full reflash
• VIN block reflash (not supported on all vehicles)

VCM Scanner
• Powerful MDI user interface
• Variable Logging/Playback speeds or user controlled using the chart display
• Export feature allows you to view/modify your file via Microsoft Excel or Word.

MPVI Pro options available with VCM Scanner
• Black box data logging (hardware logging without a laptop)
• Wide band inputs
• 2 programmable outputs

Note: VCM Scanner comes with both MPVI Std and MPVI Pro as it is a part of the VCM Suite software package.


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